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    Restricted Firearms Safety Course

    The Restricted Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) is the course you need to take to be able to apply for your Restricted Possession and Aquisition Licence (RPAL). Hands on training is done with real but deactiviated single and double action revolvers, and single and double action semi-automatic handguns, with dummy ammunition.

    Even with all of the craziness that is happening in the world of firearms in Canada right now, we still recommend that you take both courses for several reasons. Governments change, and we are due for a change, soon! Once we are back to a ‘normal’ government we will be moving back to a non-insane gun control regime (hopefully!). If you take both courses, you save the initial $62.42 application fee for just the non-restricted, which then offsets part of the restricted course. You will also already have the licence so when laws are repealed, you don’t have to rush to get your licence as you already have it! It is also a finger in the eye of the LPC and their insanity!

    A Restricted PAL is required if you wish to obtain any handguns, or any long gun that has been designated restricted by the CFP, such as the AR15 platform and any variants of the AR15.

    It is either 4 or 6 hours long, depending on when you took your Non-Restricted CFSC. If you completed your Non-Restricted CFSC within 7 days, the 4 hour course will be sufficient. Any longer than 7 days and the 6 hour course will be required.

    You will be presented with your copy of the course report at the end of the class, and all materials required to apply for your Restricted PAL.

    Topics Include:

    You will learn how to safely handle, load, and unload the following Restricted firearm actions:

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    Evening Course Schedule.